Whole Grain & Veg Salad


This was supposed to by tabbouleh, but it’s not at all. Sorry. Dizzle is off for another trip, and he likes to thwart airport and road restaurants by having food from home. This time the choice was tabbouleh. Hopefully this colorful hearty salad will suffice.

* The 3 yr old LOVES this. 🙂

Ingredients $5.50 (4 Servings)

  • Super Grain Mix Whole Foods 1 cup
  • Color pepper diced Red, orange, or yellow 1 unit
  • Tomatoes Halved grape or cherry varieties 1 cup
  • Pea Pods cut into small pieces .5 cups
  • lime juice to taste 2 tbsps
  • cilantro chopped or paste .25 cups
  • salt and pepper to taste cups
  • black beans cooked and drained 1.5 cups

This was basically a throw together with things we had in the fridge. Most any chopped veg along with grain, herb, and a simple dressing is absolutely delicious.

Fave Grains:

Wild rice or whole grain mix, barley, quinoa, whole grain couscous, bulgar wheat

Fave Veg:

peppers, tomatoes, squash, tomatoes, black beans, cannelini (white) beans, scallions, cucumber

Fave Herbs:

cilantro, basil, parsley

Fave Dressing:

lemon juice, lime juice, Brianna’s vinaigrette

Fave combos:

couscous/white bean/tomato/zucchini/basil/vinaigrette

brown rice/black beans/tomato/avocado/peppers/cilantro/lime juice

bulgar/tomatoes/cucumbers/parsley/lemon juice

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