Vegan? Or what?

For the past few months or so we’ve been eating mostly vegan-style. I say it that way because I don’t identify myself as “vegan”. The decision evolved for several reasons. The first thing that happened was that I was getting bored and overwhelmed at the same time with cooking. Butter, cream, cheese, and meat had taken over my life. (When I think of how much cheese we ate in one week it astounds me!) Every day it seemed like we were eating as if it were a holiday. We started adding one night of a bean meal and one night of an egg dish each week to both simply things and lighten things up a bit. We really liked that. The other thing that has been an ongoing issue is that we couldn’t really get the quality and cuts of meat we wanted anyway since moving to a different location. That mixed with cooking boredom led me to start substituting other ingredients for meat in dishes every once in a while. (ex: mushrooms for beef in “beef” stew) Then we watched a few food documentaries and did our own research into food, nutrition & health, and the food industry in general. We came to the conclusion that for us…not judging anyone else’s choices at all…we wanted to try a plant based diet. It’s not an ethical choice for us for the most part (although the meat industry does make me cringe), but it’s a food, cooking, and health choice. It’s been fun to try some different things like tofu. Who knew it can be delicious?! We’ve enjoyed the food and recipes we’ve discovered. We feel good. We’re really not missing anything so far.

Vegan? Plant based? Vegetarian? No meat/no dairy? Whatever you want to call it, we’ve decided to stick with it.


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