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I’m going through a waffle phase. The first experiment was a simple cornbread waffle to serve with chili. I’m hooked on the whole concept. I thought I had a photo of that one, but turns out there was no memory stick in the camera that also had a dead battery. Nice. Anyway, I don’t mind at all recreating that probably next week.

This week’s nod to Thanksgiving and another waffle is roasted root veg (carrots, parsnips, and carrots) served with a stuffing/dressing waffle topped with mushroom gravy. Oh yes.

I’ve done a pumpkin yellow curry, so this time I’ll try it with red because I have a craving for spicy creamy goodness. I also have a pie pumpkin that deserves to be cooked along with a bag of pepitas in the pantry that should be used.

I have a new love for mustard greens. I tasted them straight from the garden and was intrigued. This southern gal has never even tasted mustard or collard greens! How does that happen? I’m all about a good ole fashioned greens and beans meal accompanied by…..another cornbread waffle. I like mixing the mustard greens with kale cooked simply with a little garlic and finished with vinegar.

I still have sweet potatoes from the garden, and we all love African peanut stew. It’s a good one for weekday leftover lunches.

I’m trying to learn the Indian words for dishes, so I’ve started writing the proper terms on the board. Dali Ambat is a creamy red lentil dish with spinach. I’ll make it with kale and serve with rice or bread. Looks like I haven’t posted that one before, so it could be another “coming soon”.  This week highlights include two curries: Pumpkin Red Curry & African Stew (not technically a curry) but is a wonderful addition to vegan ethnic recipes.

V V H was my assistant’s contribution. I think he said it was for violin, vanilla, and honey. 🙂


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