Tofu 101



**Also see another tofu post that includes marinade and cooking.

I like tofu. I only recently tried it, and I’ve enjoyed playing around with using it in different ways. This week it seemed a little mushy when used in curry, so I decided to do a little research into how to prepare it. (Sometimes I’m a little slow.) I discovered that the preferred method to use before adding it to a dish is to press out the excess water and saute. Marinating beforehand is a bonus.  I already liked it, but this makes all the difference!  The texture is much more meaty, and it absorbs sauces and flavors even better. Now we’re getting somewhere!

Tofu 101
Serves: 3
How to prepare tofu for use in recipes
  • 10 oz extra firm tofu
  1. Cut tofu into slices or cubes. Lay these onto a layer of paper towels placed on top of a kitchen towel. Place another layer of paper towel onto the tofu. Place a heavy object on top of the tofu. (Suggestion: Heavy roasting pan along with cans or bag of flour.) Leave for at least 30 minutes, up to around 2 hours.
  2. Once tofu has been pressed of excess liquid it can be marinaded and or sauteed before adding to a recipe.


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