Today’s School Lunch – Pasta Salad w/ Broccoli

pasta salad

The pasta is a mix of whole grain rotini along with tri-colored fusili. One serving of that was cooked and drained. I threw a handful of broccoli florets into a pan and added the pasta with 1/2 cup cooked white beans (great northern). Turned the heat on high just to get it going. Splashed in a small amount of rice vinegar with a dash of salt and pepper. Turned off the heat, covered, and cooked very briefly just until the broccoli turned bright green. Voila. This was sent to school with a small container of carrot sticks.

We’ve gotten in the habit of making his school lunch the evening before. The little guy has his dinner at the counter while he watches me prepare the lunch. Works out great. Then we pack it in containers, put those in his lunchbox, and throw it in the fridge. Ready to grab in the morning.

Today’s lunch cost us around $0.70.

School was serving broccoli fettucini alfredo, so this was our vegan/vegetarian/ plant based alternative. Again, not sure how long we’ll keep up with direct “alternatives”, but it’s a fun experiment for now.

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