I’ve been playing around with my bread recipe lately. This one is my favorite so far. Finally a soft, just dense enough bread that rose beautifully and is great for sandwiches or toast. Yes! Here you go…. Print Whole Grain Loaf Bread Author: Next Good Meal   Ingredients 1¼ cups warm water 3 tsp yeast 2-3 […]

Granola Baguette

I picked up some granola for a road trip, and it’s still in the pantry. You know how something is an absolute fave and then becomes yucky in the blink of a pre-schooler’s eyes? Yep. I’m not exactly a granola fan, but this particular brand is absolutely delicious, Purely Elizabeth. I finally thought to use […]


Something hit me and I just had to make this today. Super simple but oh-so-flavorful. We ate it with a dollop of chutney on top. Oh yes. I think this originated as a Lebanese street food? Wouldn’t it be nice if our “fast food” was so tasty and good for you?? Cover lentils with water […]

Fo Kah Chay

This is focaccia to the rest of us, but my 3 yr old assistant sometimes has his own language. Actually he sometimes INSISTS on his own language. Anyway…something inspired him yesterday, and he decided he must have some of this tasty stuff. Your wish is my command, especially when it’s easy and he helps. I’ll […]

Whole Grain & Veg Salad

This was supposed to by tabbouleh, but it’s not at all. Sorry. Dizzle is off for another trip, and he likes to thwart airport and road restaurants by having food from home. This time the choice was tabbouleh. Hopefully this colorful hearty salad will suffice. * The 3 yr old LOVES this. 🙂 This was […]

Bloody Mary Bread

Did I just really say “bloody mary bread”?! Weird things happen when Dizzle is out of town. 🙂 I personally do not like bloody marys. At all. Can’t stand them. I do appreciate the contents of a good mix, so I decided to confiscate some for a bread creation. I love adding all sorts of […]

Whole Grain Bread

It’s been a while since I’ve made loaf bread. I’ve been focusing on baguettes because somehow it seems easier. This was a successful attempt. Nice rise. Tasty. I think with this oven I’ll cook it probably 5-10 minutes longer next time, but it was still a great loaf. The little dude was obsessed. He would […]

Pad Thai

I have a serious love for pad thai. Now that I’m in world with Whole Foods, I can get bean sprouts on the regular whenever there is a pad thai craving. Score! I read somewhere that prune baby food plus lime juice is a decent sub for tamarind paste. I was intrigued and had to […]