Toddler Lunch

Super fast stir fry of tofu, mushrooms, snap peas, a tiny amount of soy sauce, and leftover buckwheat noodles. (5 minutes tops) The 2yo has devoured snap peas for a while now. This week he’s been turning his nose up. Today when he pushed them aside I cut them into bite size, and then he […]

Five Spice Applesauce

  I asked my 2yo assistant what should be added to the applesauce today, and he responded with an enthusiastic “curry!”. I should have let him go with it, but I talked him into five spice. He’s loved the stuff since baby purees and mashes, and he loved this chunky applesauce too. Print Five Spice […]

Toddler Food – “Soup”

I guess this really isn’t a soup but more like mixed vegetables. I kept the liquid low for ease of toddler serving…doing what I can to decrease the dribbles and spills. 🙂 Carrots, parsnips, celery, lima beans The little one did decide that he wanted these over “bread chunks”. (Long story short…my last loaf of […]