Kid Pizza Bar

The little chef has been on a roll with pizza. He’s eaten these creations for at least one meal a day this entire week. Nutritious and fun for him and easy for me. I’ll say we have a winner! He doesn’t even care that most of the toppings fall off. He just scoops them up […]

Kid Food – Purple

The kid likes purple. I always ask what looks interesting to him when we are in the produce section. I’m game for him to try anything and everything, and so far he is great at trying new things. It’s not always successful, and that’s ok. One recent failure was radishes. I don’t force the issue, […]

Kid Food – Lemon Lentil Soup

I tried. We were right around the corner from Sticky Fingerz Rock ‘n Roll Chicken Shack. I was starving. Chicken fingers sounded like an easy option. I gave the little dude options: 1)chicken at the shack 2)tortillas and beans at a Mexican restaurant 3)bread and soup at a bakery. Once he heard “bread and soup” […]

Kid Food

Green peas, bbq beans (great northern beans simmered in bbq sauce), whole grain rice The kid is loving him some soy sauce. It was once marinara, but now it’s soy sauce. Anything it touches will be devoured. This time it was rice. He also has a thing for chives as a garnish. I can appreciate […]

Kid Food

The mini sous chef isn’t a fan of sandwiches and such quite yet. He likes his food separate and whole. I can respect that. Today he had our lunch, only deconstructed. Pita, basil hummus, avocado, tomatoes, kalamata olives, basil