Toddler Lunch

Super fast stir fry of tofu, mushrooms, snap peas, a tiny amount of soy sauce, and leftover buckwheat noodles. (5 minutes tops) The 2yo has devoured snap peas for a while now. This week he’s been turning his nose up. Today when he pushed them aside I cut them into bite size, and then he […]

Toddler Dinner – Tofu?!

I promise no toddlers were tortured for this meal. The 2yo culinary adventurer spotted the tofu in the fridge and wanted to try it. I sauteed it quickly with some soy sauce. He also wanted pea pods and peanut dipper. The blueberry muffin was his accidental discovery in the freezer. (leftover from the holiday season) […]

Pad Thai Sauce

**Here is another version (vegan) of the recipe along with instructions. Plans for pad thai in a couple days. I’m out of sauce, so it was time to make another batch. I used the scale this time to measure ingredients, just for kicks. Print Pad Thai Sauce (spicy)   Ingredients 4 oz lime juice 3 […]