Tomato Peach Soup

Argh… It just occurred to me that this photo looks like rotel dip. Photo fail, but flavor success. 🙂 I’m hoping for a better illustration when it’s actually served! The little one is in love with peaches at the moment. I couldn’t resist a recipe for chilled tomato soup from this month’s Bon Appetit as […]

Kid Food – Lemon Lentil Soup

I tried. We were right around the corner from Sticky Fingerz Rock ‘n Roll Chicken Shack. I was starving. Chicken fingers sounded like an easy option. I gave the little dude options: 1)chicken at the shack 2)tortillas and beans at a Mexican restaurant 3)bread and soup at a bakery. Once he heard “bread and soup” […]

Kid Food

Apple soup, spinach bread stick, and baby spinach The little dude has surprised me with his interest in greens. He spotted a big box of spinach in the fridge and wanted some with his soup. He recently had a side of the asian greens. He loved dipping each piece in soy sauce. Maybe it makes […]

Apple Soup

When the 2yo has a case of the picky pants, I can usually fall back on apple soup to satisfy him. I will admit that he didn’t eat much of this either, but he deemed it to be tasty and full of “goodness”. This attack of picky is a serious one! He is turning his […]

Mussaman Curry

I have been a long time fan of Thai spice paste and have enjoyed the red curry and green curry often. I recently discovered masaman curry. Where has this been all my life?? It’s totally different than other spice pastes because it doesn’t have heat. It’s a really tasty blend of warm spices like lemongrass, […]

Tom Ka Soup

Dizzle mentioned that this is a friend’s favorite at Thai restaurants. It is a traditionally chicken and mushroom soup. I made it with mushrooms. (I intended to add tofu, but it wasn’t ready. Maybe next time?) WOW! This is another Thai dish that will make repeat appearances in this house. It’s much more complex than […]