Roasted Nuts

We love nuts. It’s really the only snack food we keep around besides maybe popcorn. I also use them in pad thai and some other main dishes. My fave is pistachios (shelled, because I have no desire to crack each nut!), but close runner ups are cashews and almonds. I started roasting because of a […]

Brown Cookies

The little dude was absolutely convinced we would make cookies today. He had a great day of mostly hiding the “terrible” side of his two-ness, so I obliged. He really wanted “brown cookies”. I knew this meant our traditional house recipe double chocolate, but we had no eggs or butter in the house. Challenge!  Long […]

Peanut Butter Crumbles

The 2yo named these peanut butter crumbles. We’ve tried a few different renditions after seeing them on various blogs, but none worked out like I wanted. Finally! This one is not too sweet or sticky or dry or frustrating. The part I REALLY didn’t like about others was pressing it out on a pan, baking, […]


One of the little one’s new favorite snacks? Popcorn! There was a bag of buttery nirvana in the hotel on our most recent trip. I popped it just for the nostalgic smells, but of course we all devoured it in no time. That prompted me to buy some upon our return, trying to find the […]

Peanut Butter Crumbles

New healthy tasty snack! I made a mess of the recipe because I ran out of peanut butter and honey mid preparation. These were drier than intended, but still really good! Would be perfect mixed with yogurt, but the little one likes it solo. He calls these cookies. 🙂 I’ll have to post the recipe […]