Dinner – Tabbouleh – Recipe

Cost: ~ $7.00 for approximately 4 main dish servings. Print Tabbouleh Prep time:  15 mins Total time:  15 mins Serves: 4   Ingredients 1 cup bulgar wheat 2 bunches parsley chopped 1-2 sprigs mint chopped 4 scallions chopped ¼ cup lemon juice ~12 yellow cherry tomatoes halved ~15 red grape tomatoes halved 1 cucumber, seeded and […]

Lamb Ragout

This is another recipe that I turned into being labor intensive, but it doesn’t have to be. I ground the lamb and was leisurely about the whole thing really, so it was fun. Typically it should be relatively quick and easy. This is served with rotini and topped with grape tomatoes and mint. Delicious! I […]