Salsa French Bread

  The marinara bread was a big win. I had a little salsa leftover, so I went back to the well on that idea and created a salsa bread. (Seems weird to say “salsa french bread”??)  I also skipped a step with these baguettes. Normally I would allow the dough ball to rise for at […]

Black Bean Burrito

Super simple. Soaked black beans, and then simmered for a couple hours the next day. Prepared a salsa. Rolled a burrito. Heated in a pan for a couple minutes just for a little crisp on the outside. Diced an avocado and a tomato. (with a little spinach on the side because it was in the […]

Cinco de Mayo

Who doesn’t love Cinco de Mayo?? Give me an excuse to eat Mexican food, and I’ll take it. Some of the prep work included salsa and black bean pico de gallo. Print Black Bean Pico de Gallo Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 2   Ingredients ½ avocado diced ½ cup black beans 2-3 TB minced red onion […]

White Bean & Avocado Pico de Gallo

Leftovers (white beans, salsa, bunch of cilantro) can sometimes spawn some tasty things, and this was no exception. I also had Cinco de Mayo on the brain, so that helped. It only came together because I was graced with another “good” avocado, without which it would have not been possible…or at least not as interesting. […]

Lunch – Avocado Sandwich

I was totally inspired by our toddler salsa creation. Also….I totally know how to ripen avocados now, so I’m hooked. I wanted an avocado sandwich with black beans but thought it would probably be too gloppy. I decided to do a double decker open faced sandwich.! Everything bread, smear of mustard, mashed black beans […]

Toddler Salsa

The 2yo, out of the blue, yesterday asked to make salsa. He watches me make it usually but has never tasted it because it’s “spicy”. Since he mentioned it I decided to make one he could enjoy. Print Toddler Salsa   Ingredients 1 can diced tomatoes ¼ onion ½ yellow pepper small handful cilantro ¼ […]