Cabbage Salad

Simple salads like this are too tasty to be forgotten! The little dude spotted the shredded cabbage slaw in the produce section and asked for it randomly. “Asian” cabbage salad….yes please. It’s just shredded cabbage and carrots, colored peppers, and really whatever add-ins sound great. Top with a super simple dressing and a tasty lunch […]

Whole Grain & Veg Salad

This was supposed to by tabbouleh, but it’s not at all. Sorry. Dizzle is off for another trip, and he likes to thwart airport and road restaurants by having food from home. This time the choice was tabbouleh. Hopefully this colorful hearty salad will suffice. * The 3 yr old LOVES this. 🙂 This was […]

Cherry Dill Salad

Oh yum. Cherries are delicious right now. Add that to the fact that I just picked up the best gadget ever… a cherry pitter. More cherries please. This was a simple romaine salad topped with croutons made from fresh baked whole gain bread, and halved cherries. The dressing was a pre-made version, but I added […]

Black Bean Burrito

Super simple. Soaked black beans, and then simmered for a couple hours the next day. Prepared a salsa. Rolled a burrito. Heated in a pan for a couple minutes just for a little crisp on the outside. Diced an avocado and a tomato. (with a little spinach on the side because it was in the […]

Quinoa Black Bean Salad

This was modeled after something Dizzle had from Whole Foods on a recent trip. I’m so glad to discover quinoa again. We had a bad experience a couple years ago and were hesitant to try it again. The “gross” one that turned us off was apparently a variety that required rinsing, and I totally ignored […]

Cauliflower Barley Salad

This was inspired by a recipe in Bon Appetit this month. It doesn’t stray too far, but I had to make some adjustments for personal taste and available ingredients. Dizzle was admittedly skeptical. (This is it? Can I have some bread or something??) By the end of the meal we were both really impressed and […]