School Lunch – Bean Burrito

Bean burrito made with whole grain tortilla and pinto beans. (Pinto beans were soaked overnight and cooked until soft, then mashed. Salt, chili powder, a splash of lime juice.) This lunch cost us right around $1.20. I was surprised it was that much, relative to the other lunches this week. The tortilla and especially the […]

Menu Board

I can’t express my excitement over finding an awesome falafel recipe at The Shiksa in the Kitchen. I’ve done “falafel” before, but it’s really just a veg burger with Indian spices. I love falafel, and now I really know how to make it!! Garbanzos, onion, spices….that’s basically it! Who knew? My only complaint is that […]

“Refried” Beans

This is a totally BORING post, but I’ve wanted to pay attention to the timing and jot it down in case I ever need it. It’s not precise. It’s not delicate. It’s usually just one of those all day things. This is how it went down this particular day. I started with 1 cup dried […]