Red Curry for Kids

We love some curry around here, so of course the little one wants some too. Red curry is pretty high on the heat scale, so I decided to make a tame version for the kiddo. He loved it, and he insisted on having it for breakfast the next day… and every meal until it was […]

Panang Curry

Another curry! Interesting and tasty. Panang is somewhere between masman and red curry on the flavor scale in my opinion. Peppery goodness. I kept this really simple so that I could get a baseline for the flavor of the spice paste. Even though this was super tasty…I think next time I’ll use less liquid, and […]

Quick Lunch – Thai

I adapted this from a recipe in Thai Cooking School called “Broccoli with Peanuts”. I made adjustments for personal taste and available ingredients. Tasty! I’m loving the spice paste concept. Packs a ton of flavor. Bonus points for also being such a pretty dish. 🙂 We served it with whole grain basmati sprinkled with a […]