Masman Curry

I’m so glad this was still as good as the first time we had it. Love this curry flavor! This time I added celery and carrots. Still delicious. We had it with spinach bread instead of rice this time. I think I prefer it that way. Such a tasty hearty meal for a cold drab […]

How to Roast Mushrooms

We like our mushrooms roasted and toasty. I’ve gotten in the habit of almost always doing this before adding mushrooms to any recipe because it’s so much better than raw or slightly cooked! The 2yo loves these also and eats them like chips. 🙂 I change up the marinade slightly for different things, but this […]

Masman Curry

I have a new love. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this. Somehow I’ve missed it in my favorite cookbook for years now. I was unable to obtain the spice paste in town, so I ordered it from Amazon. It’s totally different than red or green curry pastes. It’s a roasted paste that includes […]

Toddler Lunch

I was planning a stir fry, but then the little guy picked these to combine. Tasty! He loved it and asked for a second serving. It’s just sauteed mushrooms and tofu cubes with the tomato sauce. The 2yo is keeping me on my toes. Certain food loves are now “no thanks”. I’m hoping this is […]

Random Stir Fry Lunch

Ok. The toddler lunch looked so good I had to have something similar. There was some leftover spice paste in the fridge. Mix that with tofu, mushrooms, snap peas (cut into bite size inspired by the 2yo), and coconut milk. Voila! Tasty pretty goodness. We had it with whole grain jasmine rice. Would be great […]

Toddler Lunch

Super fast stir fry of tofu, mushrooms, snap peas, a tiny amount of soy sauce, and leftover buckwheat noodles. (5 minutes tops) The 2yo has devoured snap peas for a while now. This week he’s been turning his nose up. Today when he pushed them aside I cut them into bite size, and then he […]


Yep, still delicious. I reserved and froze half of the spice paste from the original laksa attempt. We tried buckwheat noodles this time and discovered those are a little slick for this application. Regardless… TASTY. Love the whole concept of this one.