Toddler Lunch

On our way home the 2 yo sous talked through this creation. He started with wanting “soup”, and then I prompted ingredients by asking “What goes in your soup?”. I’m all about using leftovers, especially on shopping day, so I let him go with it. I’m kinda impressed. 🙂 Soup: leftover chicken satay, leftover giant […]

Cauliflower Barley Salad

This was inspired by a recipe in Bon Appetit this month. It doesn’t stray too far, but I had to make some adjustments for personal taste and available ingredients. Dizzle was admittedly skeptical. (This is it? Can I have some bread or something??) By the end of the meal we were both really impressed and […]

Toddler Food – “Soup”

I guess this really isn’t a soup but more like mixed vegetables. I kept the liquid low for ease of toddler serving…doing what I can to decrease the dribbles and spills. 🙂 Carrots, parsnips, celery, lima beans The little one did decide that he wanted these over “bread chunks”. (Long story short…my last loaf of […]