Kid Food Curry

This was a complete and total last minute throw together. I was ready to serve tofu and veg when the little guy chimed in that he wanted curry. (He saw the pot of spicy red curry intended for Daddy.) I was in luck. I grabbed a handful of veg from the summer roll box, added […]

Quick Lunch

I went through a phase when my favorite lunch was savory oatmeal with kale. I couldn’t resist using some of the kid’s butternut squash and kale for a quick creamy dreamy oatmeal lunch. So tasty! Print Quick Lunch Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 1   Ingredients ½ cup quick oats 1 cup vegetable stock salt & pepper […]

Personal Pizzas

Somehow I hid dough from myself this week. I thought we were out, then I find 2 bags of partial doughs in the fridge after I made an entire new batch. So… today we are using it all to make lots of these little personal pizzas for the freezer. Most will be the equivalent of […]

Toddler Lunch

I was planning a stir fry, but then the little guy picked these to combine. Tasty! He loved it and asked for a second serving. It’s just sauteed mushrooms and tofu cubes with the tomato sauce. The 2yo is keeping me on my toes. Certain food loves are now “no thanks”. I’m hoping this is […]

Menu Board

Masaman curry because it looks delicious, and I’ve never made a curry dish that included potatoes. Calzones because this week’s tofu project is making “ricotta”. Risotto because it’s been awhile. Green pea puree inspired by a new Jamie Oliver cookbook. Butternut & sundried tomatoes because I really love that combo. Not exactly sure if it […]

Toddler Lunch

On our way home the 2 yo sous talked through this creation. He started with wanting “soup”, and then I prompted ingredients by asking “What goes in your soup?”. I’m all about using leftovers, especially on shopping day, so I let him go with it. I’m kinda impressed. 🙂 Soup: leftover chicken satay, leftover giant […]

Bread Crumbs

When my bread was a little hollow last week I reserved a few slices to dry. I crumbled it as best I could then lay on a baking pan. These dried overnight in the oven. (no heat, just a convenient place to leave them) Whiz ’em up in the food processor, and…. bread crumbs. Should […]