Mushroom “Bolognese”

I use the quotations because by definition bolognese is a MEAT based sauce/ragu. I cheated and tried using only mushrooms instead of my normal 1/2 mushrooms and 1/2 beef or pork. I love the way it turned out. I’ll definitely make it like this again. Print Mushroom “Bolognese”   Ingredients 2 lbs sliced and roasted […]


First things first…. Carbonara does NOT include cream, and it most certainly does NOT include peas. Had to get that off my chest. 🙂 I was first introduced to carbonara by Mario Batali on one of his old cooking programs, when he wore the orange clogs and cooked delicious looking usually complicated things. But…carbonara is […]

Roasted Mushrooms

Print Roasted Mushrooms   Ingredients 2 lbs sliced mushrooms 2 TB worstershire sauce 2 TB balsamic vinegar 1 tsp dried thyme pepper Instructions Preheat oven to 425. Toss all ingredients together and dump into a roasting pan. Cook for approximately 45 minutes. 3.2.1215 These will be used later in the mushroom bolognese. Sometimes I do […]

Menu Board

Looks like this weekend will be Italian, and the rest of the week is totally Thai! I’ve made several different meat/mushroom blends of bolognese, but this is my first attempt at 100% mushroom. Carbonara because there is bacon in the freezer from the holidays, and someone has to eat it. 🙂 (and it’s one of […]

Toasted Garbanzos

This was my first time to do these. YUM. So tasty. Will definitely be added to the rotation. Cost: ~ $0.25- $0.30 per serving. *I used dry beans which brings down the cost. Print Toasted Garbanzos Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 4   Ingredients 2 cups garbanzos, cooked and drained 1 TB oil salt to taste 1 […]


Cost: ~ $4.50 for 4 servings Print Babaganoush   Ingredients 2 eggplant 8 garlic cloves ¼ cup tahini ½ cup lemon juice small handful parsley salt & pepper to taste Instructions Slice eggplant in half. Salt and oil. Place flesh side down on parchment paper. Also place oiled garlic cloves (unpeeled) on the pan. Bake […]