I have trouble writing exact recipes sometimes for several reasons. One of those is unexpected interruptions and another is the equipment itself. When roasting these potatoes I was called away for “emergency” toddler duty. These had been in the oven on 425 for only about 20 minutes of the targeted 35-45 minutes. The saving grace […]

Vegetable Stock

We’ve been eating less meat recently. I always do chicken stock, so I decided to step out of that box and try a vegetable stock. Fingers crossed! Print Vegetable Stock Prep time:  10 mins Cook time:  6 hours Total time:  6 hours 10 mins   Ingredients 8 oz baby bella mushrooms 2 onions 10 celery […]

Ricotta Dumplings

These were really fun to make, and the result was gorgeous. When I have the time I actually like the chance to do meals that are more labor intensive. The forming was easier than expected, and now I can add that skill to the repertoire. That being said… These were not a fave and won’t […]