Toddler Lunch and Inspiration

Chicken, grapes, mustard This reminds me of a favorite dish I sometimes forget about, chicken w/ grapes and couscous in a creamy mustard sauce. TASTY. (It’s an old Rachel Ray recipe. The original calls for breading, frying, and heavy cream. I make it much lighter now, but the whole concept is just delicious!) Going on […]

Toddler Lunch

On our way home the 2 yo sous talked through this creation. He started with wanting “soup”, and then I prompted ingredients by asking “What goes in your soup?”. I’m all about using leftovers, especially on shopping day, so I let him go with it. I’m kinda impressed. 🙂 Soup: leftover chicken satay, leftover giant […]

Chicken Satay Bites

I’ll have to best-guess at the measurements because this was a hurried throw-together. I was REALLY happy with the flavors this time. Print Chicken Satay Bites   Ingredients 1 chicken breast cut into bite size pieces 1 TB lime juice 1 tsp fish sauce ½ tsp honey ¼ tsp ginger paste Instructions Toss all ingredients […]

Toddler Dinner

I should call this one Sloppy G pasta. It was thrown together at the last minute after an afternoon at the playground. Not really pretty, but pretty delicious. Rotini, marinara, chicken, cheese. I make a few servings of pasta and have those in a container in the fridge for a couple days. The chicken is […]

Orange Chicken

Way back in the day I think one of us might have liked orange chicken at a restaurant or something. Not sure where the inspiration came from but I remember creating the recipe with Dizzle at our first “city” condo. The original included breading the chicken before cooking, but it honestly didn’t add much. Unless […]