Stuffing Waffle Recipe and Meal

stuffing waffle thanksgiving

This was our Thanksgiving! (Well, this was our Thanksgiving before it was drowned in delicious but tragically brown and unattractive mushroom gravy.) Definitely a success. This meal was soooo good and bonus…pretty too! It was actually fairly easy, and that might have been because I’d made most of the components at least once before. I think the whole meal was done in about an hour and a half.

The little one has decided he is not a waffle person, or a gravy person for that matter, so here is his meal sans waffle. The kid LOVES kale!

kale salad roasted veg

So, back to the waffle. The stuffing waffle recipe is exactly the same as the previous post, Dressing Waffle. I just can’t decide what to call it!

The veg was the same carrots, potatoes, and parsnips roasted at 425 for about 30 minutes or so until beginning to brown.

The kale salad was a find over at the taste space. I didn’t use an entire butternut squash, and I omitted the lemon zest out of necessity. Love the dressing and mix of flavors in this! I didn’t take care to really massage the kale, so I didn’t get the wilted affect. We adored it anyway, but I’ll give it a little more attention next time. Have I mentioned the kid loves kale? I do too, so this will fo sho be repeated.

The mushroom sauce is a work on progress. I’m almost positive I wrote down the measurements, but it’s been a few days. Know how that goes? Anyway… I can’t be totally sure. I’ll try it again soon and post.

So…back to the waffle. The next creation I tried after the stuffing waffle (and cornbread waffle and falafel waffle) was a HUSH PUPPY WAFFLE! Shut yo mouth. It was so incredibly tasty I can’t even stand it. (and no deep frying!) Again, it’s been a few days and a few family sicknesses, so I’m not even sure if I have a photo. I do have a written recipe, so I won’t mind at all repeating that one again soon. 🙂

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