“Refried” Bean Burritos


I’m not a big fan of freezer food. I like cooking, so simply pulling something from the freezer is a big bummer. BUT… It is nice to have a go-to on those days/nights when everyone is too bored or too hungry to think. It’s also nice to have pre-made things ready to go for road trips. I’ve been on a refried bean kick lately. It’s just so easy I can’t even stand it. Big pot of pinto beans covered with an inch or so of water cooked low on the stove indefinitely, stirred and mashed occasionally. Low maintenance with tasty results. It started with salt, pepper, and garlic. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve added leftover salsa. I’ve added cilantro. Endless possibilities for this comfort food staple in our house. The latest had salsa verde and a spicy tomato sauce.

The other problem with freezer food… If it’s really good, it doesn’t stay in the freezer!

Side note… We’ve always tried to avoid most pre-packaged food, and I even made the jump to stop buying tortillas because of all the weird ingredients. Thank you Stacey! These whole wheat tortillas have just a few non-offensive ingredients, so I can continue to take comfort in burritos and quesadillas. Phew. 🙂

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