Prep Work

I had several things on the list today to prepare for the rest of the week. I’m trying to get better at do-aheads. I had the time today, so I took total advantage.

I already knew I needed mushrooms, butternut, garbanzos, and tofu for a lunch tomorrow. I decided to make a bigger batch of each for storage and use later. We’ll see how it goes. Other things I’ve tried lately include mincing “big” batches of garlic and ginger and then storing it in the fridge for easy use. That was totally worth it. I need to do that tomorrow!

Tofu 101 Slice. Press excess water using papertowels and some weight. Marinate. Saute. Add to recipes. Looking forward to a curry for lunch tomorrow. Also, the little dude devours it, so it will be good for kid meals.

I LOVE butternut squash, but I don’t really like working with it. I feel like I’m going to lose an appendage. It requires manhandling. I tried something new. Sliced the bottom off, stood it up, and peeled from top to bottom. I felt slightly safer. Still…. after peeling, seeding, slicing and dicing 2 butternut squash I now have a hand cramp. 🙂 Result: 14 cups


Roasted 2 pounds of mushrooms. (result: 4 cups)


Soaked garbanzos

beans and rice

Finally…. made a quick beans/rice/salsa for lunches. (The salsa was leftover.) It can be eaten cold as a salad (Dizzle) or warm (me) along with maybe guac or diced avocado.


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