One of the little one’s new favorite snacks? Popcorn! There was a bag of buttery nirvana in the hotel on our most recent trip. I popped it just for the nostalgic smells, but of course we all devoured it in no time. That prompted me to buy some upon our return, trying to find the most simple (least fake ingredients) option. I settled on a certain popular name brand of microwave bags. We’ve enjoyed it. Totally tasty, but I wanted to try to DIY. So good!! This was simple 3 TB canola oil, 1/3 cup of kernels, and a little salt. Love it. Yummy with the added bonus of being WAY cheaper. I’ll post back when I do the math.

Cost: ~ $0.30 (organic DIY – canola and salt) vs, $0.90 microwave bag (palm oil and salt)

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