Pizza Experiment


That pizza night out of desperation? It also included an experiment. Vegan Cheese. WHAT?! I’m not sure what possessed me to even try this product. It was an impulse buy. I thought it would be a worthy experiment. The ingredients weren’t terrible. We put it up against the traditional shredded mozzarella. Let’s just say I will not be buying this again. EVER.

It vaguely reminded me of provel. This is a cheese that is popular around the St Louis area. It’s terrible. (no offense!) It has the texture of velveeta*, and it is used in that area on not only pizza but all sorts of things including steak. It’s just not my thing. At all. Anyway…the vegan cheese had that same oily gummy texture. The really weird thing was that it was so overpowering I couldn’t even taste the sauce or toppings. (and the toppings were strong flavors…olive and mushroom)

I realize that some people are hard core vegan because of ethical beliefs, so this product is probably great for those folks. We do eat mostly vegan-style lately for several, probably boring, reasons. 🙂 That being said… If I want to splurge on pizza… I’ll stick with old school dairy. There just isn’t a substitute.

*There is a time and place for velveeta, including rotel dip with my dad. 🙂 I don’t hate the stuff, I just don’t want it on my pizza or many other things.

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