Peanut Noodles

peanut noodles

This was my first try at peanut noodles. This has definite potential. It made me think it could be the new “carbonara” around here. It was tasty enough to make me want to do better, so I won’t bother with a recipe just yet. One of the issues was that I think the sauce was too thick. I used the little one’s peanut dipper without thinning it in any way. The flavor was spot-on, but next time I’ll go for more of a thick salad dressing consistency. The other issue was potentially too much “stuff” in the noodles. Dizzle disagrees, but I thought the ratio of tofu and peppers to noodles wasn’t quite right. The last issue was that I think I undercooked the noodles slightly, so the texture was a little off. I’ll go a couple more minutes next time, or it may just be that I’m not accustom to the buckwheat texture of the SOBA noodles. We’ll see next time!

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