Pad Woon Sen

pad woon sen

Iron Chef….pad woon sen! Or something like that. 🙂 This was part one of my experiment to recreate a dish we absolutely love at Thai restaurants.

It was the first time working with bean thread or “glass” noodles”. I soaked them for approximately 5 minutes before adding to the stir fry. I think I’ll soak slightly less next time, but we really like these. I’m already thinking I could “subscribe” for these on Amazon! 🙂 The onions still had a slight crunch but were sweet and not too raw tasting. This was a big win with Dizzle. I really liked the tomato, peeled and sliced thin.

The challenge will be the sauce. I started with a bare bones soy sauce with lime. It was tasty but not perfect. It didn’t have that pad woon sen essence that we love. I think I will have to buckle and buy fish and/or oyster sauce for the next rendition. That seems to be the common theme of most recipes. I love these tasty challenges!

Hoping to nail down a delicious recipe really soon!

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