Pad Woon Sen – Take 3

Let me just start by saying that I am at the end of my noodle supply, and these are no longer available on Amazon. What?! This experiment might require an indefinite hiatus after this attempt. Sigh.

Also, the tomato intended for this dish did a bad thing and went rotten overnight. That meant I had to use grape tomatoes. Seems like no big deal, but it made a huge difference in the eatability (new word?) with chop sticks.

That being said… This was the best version so far. It’s still not perfect in my opinion, but it is definitely tasty and enjoyable.

I left the honey out of the sauce this time. Much better. This time it seemed like a little too much “sour”. It was coming from lime juice and also to some extent the chili garlic sauce. Next time I’ll leave out the lime juice and see what happens.

This version was:

3 TB fish sauce

2 TB oyster sauce

1 TB lime juice

1 TB soy sauce

1 TB chili garlic sauce

I really want to leave out the soy sauce also, but I’m trying to isolate single ingredients to make it somewhat easier. 🙂

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