Menu Notebook

Besides trying to keep a blog record of menus and some recipes I started a menu notebook late in 2012. At that time we were still meat eaters. menu notebook

This week I used the last page of the notebook, so we were looking back through the pages. It was interesting to see our quick evolution into only plant food. I remember thinking I could never EVER give up cheese, but even after the first trial week I was hooked on the veg.

1st week of veg only

1st week of veg only

One of the many reasons I looked into a different food lifestyle was boredom with cooking. How much butter and cream can I use today? Yawn. Another thing I noticed in the notebook was the possible beginning of another rut. menu notebook

The year 2013 was all about Thai, veg, curries, and Indian food. There are some well established repeats like laksa, any color or variety of curry, pad thai, Bombay cauliflower and/or potatoes, spiced lentils and spinach. I’m really not complaining, but I want to start branching out into new recipes. Those “new” recipes were once meticulous challenges, but now they are old stand-bys thrown together without much thought. I’m not one for resolutions, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for new ingredients and tasty flavors.

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