Menu Board

menu board

Masaman curry because it looks delicious, and I’ve never made a curry dish that included potatoes.

Calzones because this week’s tofu project is making “ricotta”.

Risotto because it’s been awhile.

Green pea puree inspired by a new Jamie Oliver cookbook.

Butternut & sundried tomatoes because I really love that combo. Not exactly sure if it will end up a gratin or maybe a tart or pizza of some sort. We’ll see.

I always have a loose idea about lunches, but this week I made more of a structured menu hoping to avoid shopping trips or wasted extra ingredients from other meals. These will include asparagus soup, leek/potato soup, khao soi, and cabbage salad. Oatmeal is always a back up, and veg burgers will probably make their way into the freezer at some point for easy backups too.

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