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I’ve had a craving for black bean burgers, and then I ran across an absolutely delicious sounding veggie burger. Now need to figure out the bun. I’ve never been very successful at that, but I’d rather make my own.

Sweet potato oven fries and spicy toasted garbanzos sounded like a good mix, along with a cilantro lime dipping sauce.

Then there are the obligatory recipes to try from this month’s Bon Appetit… cauliflower/barley herbed salad (love that is has tarragon) and khao soi (another spicy noodle soup).

Roasted root veg…just because. Sounds yummy, like a holiday side without all the fuss. Throw in a pan with herbs, olive oil, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Gotta be good.

Kale gratin…again…but only if I can find good kale. Tough lately.

Laksa, the spicy noodle soup from last week. Tried and true. That’s how I like to cook for guests, and we have one coming this week.

Cauliflower curry soup. Same tried and true concept. 🙂


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