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I bought eggplant thinking I wanted to try an eggplant calzone, but babaganoush sounds so much better right now, and the 2yo loves it too. Bonus!

Hoppin’ John is in honor of Mardi Gras tomorrow. Laissez les bontemps roulez! (might have to add a hurricane to the evening)

Tomato soup because I have leftover pizza sauce, and I love white beans with tomato.

I was watching Food Network with my sister and we started discussing corn, because someone was making a corn chowder.  I never eat corn. Well….almost never. It’s just not something that does it for me. I remembered I do really like it grilled and with black beans and peppers, so I’m going outside my norm for corn. Groaned as I bought green avocados. Hoping they will ripen appropriately and not let me down.

Kale and black rice because Dizzle requested it. We have a thing for the kale gratin at the moment, and the black rice is so good.

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