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Laksa was comfort food for Dizzle returning from travels.

tofu laksa

Chili and cornbread is today’s project, so I’m hoping to post both those recipes. I’ll probably do a couple cornbread waffles and do muffins with the remainder. We’ll also have a salad with greens from the garden including some spicy purple mustard greens.

Rajma is new for me. I’ve only made it once before, so I’ll work on getting it just right for posting. It’s a highly spiced kidney bean Indian dish. We’ll probably have it with mashed parsnips.

Dizzle has proclaimed that he is not a huge fan of red curry these days. So…it was a perfect solo meal for me when he had meetings. I had it really simple style with one small diced potato and a ton of kale. We usually have red curry with tomato and peppers.

red curry

Dizzle mentioned the hush puppy waffles I’ve made once. I’ll do that with bbq beans and an adjusted version of the tasty sweet potato tikki.


We had falafel again this past weekend with tatziki and hummus. Love it! (The tatziki is just a package of silken tofu whizzed with olive oil and lemon juice, a minced garlic clove, dill, and then folded with a deseeded chopped cucumber seasoned with salt and pepper.)

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