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Veg quesadillas were made with thin sliced grilled zucchini, red onion, and mild pepper. Served with “refried” pinto beans and salsa. I made a huge pot of the beans, so we are still working on those. It’s been great for quick lunches with tortillas or rice.

Spiced vegetables was a recipe I noticed in a vegetarian cookbook. I hadn’t paid it much attention before but I wanted something new to try with okra from the garden. It was OK but probably not something I’ll make again. It was tasty but a little blah. Potatoes, cauliflower, and okra simmered with spices like cinnamon and cardamom in coconut milk. I substituted coconut milk for yogurt in the original recipe, so that might have been the issue. Any more okra will go straight into yummy stewed “okra and tomatoes” or gumbo!

We haven’t had much curry lately. We’ve had a couple chilly days lately, so masman was a welcome comfort food. It was SO GOOD.

masman curry

Chili might not happen this week. I threw it into the mix because I thought I would have extra salsa. We might take care of that in other ways. I did my first veg lasagne experiment last night instead. (work in progress)

Seems we were on a soup/stew kick when we came up with this menu. Potato pea soup is a very simple soup with flavors similar to samosas. Potatoes simmered and slightly mashed to thicken the soup that includes green peas spiced with garam masala coriander, and cumin. Splashed with a little coconut milk at the end. (instead of yogurt) I might add chickpeas this time. Not sure.

Dizzle requested African stew. It really is good. I always make way too much, so I’ll work on measurements this time to reduce it a little. Looks like I’ve never posted that recipe, so that will be on my list. Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, edamame, spicy peppers, cilantro, kale, couscous… many tasty things in one dish!

I also want to try something that was on the school menu this week…. Koshari, a popular Egyptian dish/street food. I’m a little turned off but intrigued enough to want to try the mix of ingredients. Macaroni, rice, lentils, chickpeas, and some sort of spicy tomato sauce. Hmmmm…

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