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We turned Labor Day into a Cinco de Mayo type of day with beans, pico, salsa/chips, and of course margaritas.

OMG. I FINALLY made okra & tomatoes like grandma use to make! (Ok, it’s really mamaw. I’m from the deep south.) Simple goodness. The key was a roux and garden fresh ingredients. If we can harvest more okra, this will definitely be repeated. We had it served over cornbread with a quick and simple side of speckled butter beans.

Pizza this week was amazing. I used a tomato dough that Dizzle had prepared with the 4 yr old assistant. Toppings were a garden fresh tomato sauce, roasted diced potato with rosemary, and a little mashed tofu. More simple goodness.

The sauce is a pan of tomatoes with a little olive oil and a few garlic cloves, covered and simmered until skins can easily be removed and then cooked until thick. The okra and tomatoes was very similar. I started with a roux of 3 TB olive oil and 3 TB flour cooked until light brown. Add a diced onion, a few minced garlic cloves and a diced stalk of celery. Cover and simmer until veg is tender. Add tomatoes. Cover and simmer until skins can easily be removed. Add 6-8 pieces of okra sliced along with a little veg stock. Simmer until tasty goodness is achieved.

Tonight is red beans and rice to take advantage of the leftover cornbread and spicy pico de gallo. (Soaked beans overnight and now those are simmering with onion, garlic, a mild pepper, and celery). My dad got us hooked on topping beans with diced tomato, onion, and vinegar, so the pico will do the trick.

Friday will depend on tomatoes. I fear we might be getting to the end of tomato season at the garden. We have been so spoiled! If we can procure more tomatoes I’ll do something like a pad woon sen (or maybe okra and tomatoes again!!). If not I’ll probably fall back on an Indian meal with lentils, veg, and a bread or rice. Nothing wrong with that!


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