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This menu actually started on Monday, so I’m way behind. We’ve already had drunken noodles, thai chili basil eggplant, and summer rolls.

thai chili basil

Tonight we’ll have laksa. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had that one. Dizzle asked for lots of noodles and Thai this week, so laksa came to mind. It’s one of the only meals this week that won’t include ingredients from the garden, but that’s ok. It didn’t require any special grocery shopping other than grabbing a big pack of mushrooms.

tofu laksa

On tap for the rest of the week is lots of spicy delicious Indian food. Dizzle raved about a minted cabbage salad he recently tried during a biz trip, so I’ll give that a go and see what happens. That will be served with spiced black eyed peas with tangy tamarind juice and creamy coconut milk. The southern girl came out in me when I was thinking about cabbage slaw and black eyed peas. 🙂

We’ll also have Indian 5 spice vegetables with warm spices and potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes. SO GOOD. Thus far I’ve omitted the nigella seeds in the traditional 5 spice blend. I couldn’t find it. I finally asked at the Indian grocer and was directed to nigella seeds, but they were labeled as kalonji seeds. Another lesson learned. Eager to try it. We’ll probably have that with some sort of bread and maybe chick peas. The veg itself is really filling, so we might just leave it at that.

Something I forgot to write was okra and tomatoes served with cornbread. Another southern girl moment. This is a cherished memory from childhood because it’s something my great grandmother would make. I’ve never quite been able to recreate it with canned tomatoes. (Actually it didn’t even come close and was always really disappointing.) I’m excited to try it with garden fresh tomatoes and okra. My mouth is watering already!


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