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Some of these recipe ideas came from a Thai menu that Dizzle brought home from a recent trip.

Khao Soi is another coconut based Thai noodle soup, cousin to the popular-around-here laksa and Tom Kha. I honestly didn’t like it nearly as well, and I’m not sure it will make the rotation around here.

Thai chili basil eggplant. Enough said? Yum. Veg goodness with a slurpy good sauce. Next time I’ll actually remember the chili paste. 🙂

Karee curry is basically a yellow curry with some additions like curry powder and more fish sauce. I didn’t make it around to this one because we had a couple travel days that week. Still sounds interesting.

Rama curry was probably my favorite of the new recipes this week. It’s a silky spicy brown sauce with peanut butter and a hint of red curry. Love it with the pea pods and carrots. Next time I won’t overdose on the sauce so much, and I think it will be even better.

Spiced lima bean soup is another one I didn’t make it around to yet, but it’s on my new menu for tomorrow. It’s a simple bean and tomato soup spiced with things like allspice. It was from last month’s Bon Appetit.

White bean orzo is just yum. Half the beans are mashed to create a thicker consistency. Beans, veg stock, orzo, parsley…that’s about it. Served with a crusty piece of bread and a salad. Yep.


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