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I need to do yet another post for veg burgers now that I’ve got a good mojo for that recipe now. I made 2 batches last week because the 4 yr old is really digging those lately, made into cookie sized patties. He eats them with no bun, dipped in ketchup or mustard. The recent versions were both black bean, increased to 2 cups, and walnuts instead of almonds. One had the standard chili powder and coriander. The other had kebab flavors. All tasty. The new challenge for veg burgers will be creating a recipe with no nuts because his school is nut free. Add that to the list.

I’ve started simply adding “Indian” to the menu most weeks. It will be some sort of bean dish along with a vegetable or potato side, usually with some variety of bread, and sometimes with a chutney. Always a favorite. Note to self…I must find a recipe for “Indian hot sauce”. It’s a thick smooth red sauce with great heat. I’m obsessed.

This week has been a hot one, so I’m wanting something cool like summer rolls. We haven’t done those in a while, and peanut sauce sounds SO good.

We currently have tons of tomatoes and peppers in the garden. There is also eggplant and green beans. We’ve had thai basil eggplant a few times now, so I want to do something different with eggplant. Ratatouille? I’m envisioning roasting the veg ingredients (tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, eggplant) and tossing with orzo. We’ll see how that turns out!

This week marked the little dude’s first few days of school! He’s taking his lunch, so maybe we’ll start posting his menu too. 🙂

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