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This past weekend I was at the in-laws, and I love looking at a particularly beautiful Tuscan cookbook there. I always see great ideas. Usually I forget about it by the time I’m home, probably because these are mostly super simple recipes. This time I took note!

The first from the book is Baker’s Spaghetti. Walnuts, garlic, olive oil. That’s about it. SO delicious!! Back in the day we had a thing for carbonara, and this might just be our new Italian comfort food. YUM. Forgot to take a photo, but I’m sure we will repeat soon. 🙂

Tonight is another from the book. Nothing fancy about roasted potatoes, white beans, and zucchini. It’s these simple “square” meals that are few and far between around here, but we always love them. The potatoes will be roasted with rosemary, kinda braised in white wine first. The beans have been slow cooking with garlic. The zucchini will be quickly roasted at the end. There will probably also be a baguette making an appearance, because…why not?

Mujadara always sounds yummy, but I rarely make it because it just seems boring. I’m fickle that way. I’m doing it this week. I really am. There is a new flat bread I want to try, so that’s my excuse. Simple mixed with something new. I’m also feeling maybe some sort of spinach side? Creamy? With cauliflower? Dunno.


I’m feeling a ginger phase coming, so I have plans for spicy thai soups… laksa and Tom Ka. Oh yes. I’ve seriously tweaked the laksa recipe, so it’s definitely time to post an update for that one.


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