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This is what has been on our menu board the last few days. I already made the Indian meal for the inlaws, and that was a success. I’m happy to nail down a new recipe in the twice baked potatoes with a samosa flair. We tackled the “school soup” yesterday. This was a project at the little dude’s school one day. What a cool thing to be able to cook at school! It was a vegetable soup tending toward Thai with coconut milk and cilantro. I think I’ll turn the leftovers into a yellow curry. Pad Thai has been a go-to for quite a while. We love it. We had it the evening Dizzle returned from a trip. Something about it was extra delicious. I guess that just happens sometimes. I made the pumpkin carrot curry last night for the second time in recent history. So good it’s going in the rotation during pumpkin seasons. The pepitas really add a nice texture. I hope to post that one soon for sure. Today I’m tackling a new one inspired by something we spotted in a new vegetarian cookbook, red curry with mixed greens. It includes asparagus which I don’t recall ever using in curry, along with a variety of leafy greens. High expectations! Another newbie is the spicy potato soup. I adore Indian flavors, so this soup can’t go wrong with it’s masala and coriander creaminess. Happy cooking!

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