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menu board

Back to business as usual.

I’m in a serious rut with menus. I actually don’t mind that much because we love the meals, but I think next week will be time to roll out some new experiments. In the meantime…

Oh how we love curry. We started with yellow last night. I’ll follow up tomorrow with a green version using pea pods and mushrooms. This will be accompanied by a spinach rice. (There is an abundance of spinach in the fridge. Otherwise this is usually done with kale.) This was our first favorite curry before we knew it was curry.

Tonight we will feast on spiced garbanzos with spinach along with Bombay style cauliflower and potatoes. Can’t get enough of all these warm spices even though it’s still summer.

Dizzle loves mujadara for travel, but we haven’t enjoyed it at home in a long while. This sounds yummy with a cool side salad.

This whole menu was mostly inspired by a desire to avoid grocery shopping this week. 🙂 Iron chef……What’s in the fridge?!

Now I need to start digging for inspiration for some new summertime meals for next week…..


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