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I go a little nuts before guests arrive. I do that what-if thing of over-planning and preparation. Somehow I thought it just might be possible that we might need all these meals for a 2 day visit with one family member. Crazy.

The salsa/guac/beans were a winner. I still believe it’s always good to have salsa and chips available as a snacker for guests. Everyone loves it, and it’s also a great back-up for picky eaters.

I made the babaganoush ahead of time, and it was also a winner. We had it along with the roasted garbanzos and bread sticks for a noshy first night meal. (plus olives and roasted nuts) Bummer was that I overcooked the garbanzos, so those were a tooth breaking disappointment. The little one has eaten babaganoush for almost every meal the last couple days. Score

No, we did not need the Indian feast this time. This proved to be a well intentioned loser when it comes to guests. There is a decent amount of prep time involved, and I just didn’t have the spare time because I wanted to dote on my loved one.

We did enjoy the bbq beans and roasted potato salad the second night. I took a short cut on the beans, and Dizzle helped with the roasting pan logistics for potatoes and asparagus.

I was determined to do falafel because I’d been talking about it for days. It was worth it even if I did use valuable time on the same day a guest arrived. We had the leftovers for lunches, so all is well.

Yellow curry was a fairly easy throw-together on a night after our guest departed and we squeezed in another family appearance. Easy spicy comfort food was greatly appreciated!


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