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Curry is always on my stand-by list when Dizzle returns from a trip, and red is usually the #1 choice. I’ve also got panang on the brain. It was SO good last time. This time I’ll try a mushroom/potato/carrot combo.

While eating solo I somehow managed to create my worst pad thai ever. All I can figure is that it was way too many bean sprouts and not enough noodles. The texture was way off. It couldn’t have been the sauce this time because I actually looked back at the most recent recipe. Imagine that! I’ll give it another go this week with Dizzle. Must redeem myself!

Ok, the Indian meal I’ve had in mind has been on the menu for 3 weeks now with no results. This week it is happening! (and I know that because I cooked it yesterday 🙂 details soon…)

In other news we have a special visitor arriving this Labor Day weekend. I always go blank when deciding what to cook for others. I need to start early and plan something tasty.

Also…I noticed the bean thread (glass) noodles are available again on Amazon. Thank you! (even if it is an add-on item)


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