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The current menu has several hold-overs from the last one. We had leftovers a couple times recently, and then one night we simply had bread/nuts/olives. Nice break.

I’m still determined about pad woon sen. No two recipes are alike, and usually not even close. This means I don’t have a really good reference point. That’s fine. I’m up to the challenge. Most recipes do contain fish sauce and/or oyster sauce. I’m debating whether to go there on the seafood sauces or just give it a go with soy sauce only.

Panang curry because I’ve only made it once so far and it could use some improvement. I’m really getting into a groove with curry, so I’m feeling great about creating a tasty panang.

I didn’t get a chance to try the new recipe for masala potatoes yet, so I’m eager to give it a try. Sounds absolutely delicious.

Paella is another thing I didn’t get around to making from the last menu. I think it will include tomatoes, roasted red peppers, maybe yellow squash, and maybe with olives on the side.

Laksa. YUM. I remembered to buy a handful of walnuts and cilantro, so we’re good to go. Dizzle says he could eat this every day!

I also made notes about lunch. We’ve been really good about eating leftovers and having a couple options with prepared ingredients. Black bean hummus is prepared. Veg is grated for spring rolls. Salsa is almost there, but I didn’t quite buy enough cilantro. I’ll just have to deal. I often draw a blank if guests are involved, so I’ve made a note about roasted potato salad with corn and black beans just in case.

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