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menu board

Finally a menu came together for the next few days.

Asparagus potato pesto was a special request from Dizzle once he returns home. I’m thinking of an even lighter version this time with basil, mint, and a small portion of nuts without the oil.

It’s been a week or so since a curry, and that’s way too long. Yellow squash is still available at the market, so I’m going with that for a yellow curry.

Pad woon sen has been on my to-do list. I finally found the right noodles. (Thank you Amazon.) I’m a little disappointed that the farmer’s market vendor with bean sprouts is no longer there, but the Whole Foods variety will do. Should be a tasty experiment.

I was recently gifted a new cookbook with lots of recipes worth trying. First on the list is masala potatoes. It sounds very similar to the creamy cauliflower dish, so I’ll serve it with spiced garbanzos and spinach. I might even throw in some Bombay cauliflower (without potatoes) if I’m motivated enough that day. All that spicy veg sounds SO GOOD. Maybe for guests?

Dizzle recently visited Spain, and a family there treated him to home cooked paella. I don’t recall ever having this, although it sounds very similar to jambalaya. I’m up to the challenge!

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