Menu Board

This was our light load from the market today. We still had lots of provisions from Saturday’s trip. The 2-almost 3 yr old assistant “helped” me with the menu board before I could get a clean photo. 🙂

I’m into hummus lately. I really like it in wraps for lunch.

I made red pepper curry last night as a welcome home for Dizzle’s return from an international trip.

Tonight is masman curry. They had the cutest purple onions and potatoes at the market and I need a no-brainer today. More curry it is!

Corn is big right now, so I’ll make some sort of toss with roasted corn, black beans, peppers, and maybe rice or potatoes.

Dizzle came home raving about an Indian restaurant, so I’m accepting the challenge with plans for lentil and cauliflower dishes with a spicy flair.

Summer squash is also all the rage, so I’ll try it in a yellow curry.

Choices for the little dude this week will be sweet potatoes, purple hull peas, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, peaches, berries, tofu, garbanzos, hummus, etc.

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