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This menu was inspired by our Tuesday trip to the farmer’s market. Next shopping day is Saturday.

purple long beans

I couldn’t resist the really weird yet intriguing purple long beans. I’ll try a simple stir fry to check out the flavor.

Purple is maybe a theme this week. Purple long beans, purple hull peas, purple potatoes. May or may not be subliminal due to the little guy’s love of purple. Another theme just because of what was available is childhood memories. Slow cooked purple hull peas. Simmered okra and tomatoes. Some of my favorite things at grandma’s and great grandma’s house back then. I’ll also take a stab at side dishes including green tomatoes and squash. I’ll substitute the traditional cornbread (because I’m not that good at it!) with polenta cakes.

Dizzle has a quick trip coming up, and one of his fave airplane foods is tabbouleh, so I’ll make him a care package. 🙂

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