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menu board

I’m trying my best to keep it simple because we are preparing to move in 2 WEEKS. (!!)

Black bean burritos. I made a big batch of black beans along with salsa. Mixed the two together, rolled into burritos, and put most of them in the freezer. I held out a few for the fridge for easy last minute meals.

I have lots of veg burger leftover in the freezer, so we’ll mix that with sweet potato fries for an easy meal and maybe even a couple lunches.

Curries are the current go-to now that I have the technique and timing down. We’ll do red curry with peppers and tomatoes, yellow curry with butternut and carrots, mushrooms & pea pods in a delicious coconut sauce that may or may not qualify as a “curry”.

Easy pasta toss with fresh squash and tomatoes sounds delicious with some of the basil that is growing on the porch.

I really need to think ahead to next week when it will be even more frantic. 🙂

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